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HistorySee the history of paintball

History of the development of the activity of paintball when first started until now that had entered Indonesia

War game popularized in America actually began in 1970, war game popularizedin America actually began in 1970, where Jame Hale of Daisy Manufacturing, makes first catapult paintball equipment at the time, these tools are usedfor marking trees and live stock. With a little improvisation, some people began touse these tools to play recreational war game one farm

The first game between the teams performed in the U.S. in May 1981 although in some states in the U.S. are still doubting the legality of paintball markers. As in new jersey, for example, in 1988 a newly declared paintball marker is not expressed by the local firearms after trials held in police firing range and witnessed by the judges

Paintball continues to growand began many paintball field opened to the public. Paintball also spread to European countries such as Britain , France and Denmark. To distinguish between paintball and fire arms, then internationally, paintball guns called "MARKER"

In 1992 formed the NPPL (National Professional Paintball League) which organizes NPPL Pro-Am Series in the United States as a result, began to be categorized paintball as a sport, not recreation anymore. With the increasing lyrapid development of paintball, formed the other tournaments such asthe Millennium Series, X-ball, etc.

According to the super study survey, in 2002. Paintball including the order of the 3 most popular sport. Growing number of enthusiasts in the sport, player safety element also more attention. Paintball also third ranks in extreme sports rank after the skateboarding and wall climbing

The rapid paintball development can be felt after paintball began to leave its military character. When paintball was started, this activity always in tandem with the army, camouflage clothing, and Army criteria look. The result of this activity followed only by those burly and masculine only

While paintball began to shift to ward exercise, the more fan activity. Started a lot of young kids and women began to participate because of the element of "machoman" began to disappear. Paintball equipment began to use bright colors like blue, red and yellow. Art of play was changed from army-style sneak a run and shoot. The longer paintball becomes easier to see because it was not heldin the forest and woodlands area lot of mosquitoes, but held the green grass bunkers combined with different shapes and colors, and easily watcha bleasa soccer ball

In Indonesia, paintball was first introduced in Bali as a means of recreation. Not long after, Brigade 3234 to introduce paintball to the island of Java in 1996 by opening locations in Gunung Putri, Bogor. Paintball continues to grow with the opening of Patriot Paintball in Alam Sutera (Serpong, Tangerang), Commando Patriot (Bandung), Paintball Bali Pertiwi, Paintball Stage (Medan), and has now spread to Borneo and Sulawesi and much more ....